Two Bots dancing with a radio

Moko Universe

A robotic hangout space for parties, games, and fun for you and your friends! Connect our state-of-the-art Byte Buddies and explore the planets together!

What is the Moko Universe?

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Moko Universe is an online social room for kids where they can invite up to 12 of their friends to a space-themed environment using unique robot avatars we call Byte Buddies to talk, connect and have fun remotely through various group activities such as:

  • Music Listening Parties
  • Watch Together Sessions
  • Birthday Themed Events (Birthday Cake + Candles, Party session)
  • Treasure Hunts & more mini-games

With every session, parties can find themselves immersed as they slowly discover the extent of the sci-fi-themed environments' interactive elements.



A source of pure energy! Literally! Originally a simple charging port, we accidentally loaded too much electricity into him and he came to life. U-Bee loves to bring the energy to any activity!

U-Bee Character on transparent background


A bright Byte! Want to light up the function? Illuminate the empty dark space? Or just need some sick disco lights? Rova is your bot! Roving around on two wheels, Rova can't wait to brighten up the world!

Rova Character on transparent background


Fastest boots on the dance floor. Programmed with over 700 terabytes of dance moves, Bat-Bat is an absolute sight to see wherever music plays! Tap dancing? salsa? The robot? Bat-Bat can do it all!

Bat-Bat Character on transparent background